Diamond Microdermabrasion

Reveal your younger healthier looking skin with our Minivac Diamond Microdermabrasion signature treatment which provides precise exfoliation. Microdermabrasion is a chemical free, non-invasive treatment which uses a spray of microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin from the very first treatment.


  • Precise Exfoliation
  • No downtime
  • Treatment for entire body
  • Brighter, softer, smoother and younger looking skin
  • Lunch time express treatment



  • Full Face
  • Half Face
  • Full Face and Neck
  • Decolette
  • Stretch Marks
  • Hands
  • Back

Fixed Cost P/T

  • R500
  • R300
  • R550
  • R500
  • R450
  • R300
  • R650

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